The following resources related to health and wellness are available to the school community members.

NH Department of Health and Human Services:

US Government:

Center for Disease Control: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (Enterovirus Information for Parents 10-1-14.pdf)Enterovirus Information for Parents 10-1-14.pdf[ ]96 kB2014-10-02 12:44
Download this file (HealFlyerForMay15.pdf)HealFlyerForMay15.pdf[ ]4264 kB2015-05-05 14:30
Download this file (HEAL_flyer_march_pressV2.pdf)HealFlyerForMarch15[ ]2699 kB2015-03-03 10:29
Download this file (HEAL_flyer_november_lowres.pdf)HealFlyerNovember2015[ ]429 kB2015-11-05 08:26
Download this file (HEAL_flyer_september_press.pdf)HealFlyerSeptember2015[ ]3258 kB2015-09-15 10:03
Download this file (Jan 2015 Safety Educator.pdf)Safety Educator - January 2015[ ]1171 kB2015-01-12 14:29
Download this file (SUMMER EDITION 2016 Safety Educator.pdf)Safety Educator - Summer 2016[ ]2530 kB2016-06-13 13:50