Enrichment Program Mission:

The enrichment program at Center Woods Elementary is dedicated to creating a broad range of learning opportunities that are designed to promote high levels of achievement, creative productivity, motivation, and respect for the uniqueness of each student.  We will provide opportunities for all students to participate in type I and type II enrichment activities. We will provide opportunities for talent pool students to participate in type III enrichment activities.  

Type I Enrichment activities are general exploring experiences to get students interested in a particular topic.

Type II Enrichment activities provide group training, they let students practice the skills and acquire the knowledge they will need to successfully conduct their own activities.

Type III Enrichment activities are individual or small group investigations of real problems based on students interests and skills with the aim to produce a product for real audiences.


We believe that the most effective approach for achieving the mission of the enrichment program is to offer engaging enrichment opportunities that meet the needs of all students. To do this we will…

·         Offer enrichment clusters to all students utilizing type I and type II enrichment activities.

·         Offer enrichment activities during WIN time.

·         Offer type III enrichment opportunities to students selected for the talent pool.

Enrichment Program Goals:

1.       Continue offering enrichment during WIN time.

·         Students will have their academic needs met through enrichment or intervention during WIN time.

2.       Implement school wide enrichment clusters.

·         Enrichment Clusters will be offered to ALL students utilizing type I and type II enrichment activities.

·         Students will select enrichment clusters based on personal interest.

·         Teachers, paraprofessionals, other school staff and volunteers may facilitate a cluster.

·         Cluster facilitators choose the cluster topic.

3.       Begin a talent pool program in the spring.

·         A talent pool of approximately 3-5 % of the student population will be selected.

·         Talent pool students will have the opportunity to participate in type II and type III enrichment activities.

·         Talent pool students will have the opportunity to select their own type III enrichment activities based on personal interests and skills. 

*We would love to have parent volunteers participate in the enrichment program. We will be offering opportunities that will allow parents to facilitate an enrichment cluster, organize materials, or speak to a group of students about a hobby or career.

Name: Melissa White
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone: 603-529-4500