Provider of student health services :
  • Performs nursing assessments, screenings and evaluations
  • Identifies students with special health care needs
  • Develops nursing care plans, emergency care plans and individualized health plans
  • Provides emergency care for illness and injury
  • Performs and supervises prescribed treatments and administration of medications in school
  • Conducts health promotion programs for school staff and students
  • Works with school staff to prevent health problems from impacting school performance
Manager of Student Health Care :
  • Helps develop school health policies
  • Ensures the policies and procedures adhere to laws and standards of nursing practice
  • Monitors students' compliance with state immunization laws
  • Monitors communicable diseases
  • Participates in emergency management planning
  • Serves as a liaison and resource between home, school, health care provider and community organizations
  • Coordinates health care in school for students with chronic, complex or handicapping conditions